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An American  Football that  is very soft and flexible
in its shape, 
allowing it to absorb most of the forces
 upon impact 
(the ball will collapse upon impact),
ensuring total 
safety for the players.The ball is
approximately  5 
inches in diameter with about
7.75 inches in finished 
length, weight approximately
4.23 ounces (about 120
grams).  While being soft
and flexible, it also retains 
its American Football
property and will travel a long 
distance in the air
when properly thrown with a tight
spiral (the same
throwing technique used in throwing 

American Football),
making it ideal  for training
and practicing throwing and catching with 
total safety.

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Living Room Soccer 

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For all Soccer fans

Living Room Soccer is a football that one can kick 
and play inside a house without causing any damage 
to things around.  Upon impact, the football will 
collapse to absorb the impacted force and will return 
to its round circular shape.  The football is made from 
special fabric and has a diameter of about  9 inches 
and weight only about 170 grams.

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Flying Ring

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A flying ring  made from special nylon fabric filled 
with a special material which has a very soft and 
lightweight quality. Its finished size is approximately 
7 and 3/4 inches in diameter. Its net weight is about 15 
grams (0.53 ounce).  It can be adjusted to fly through 
air at different speed, and can be flattened and folded 
into 1/4 of its original size for easy put away and take 
along in one's shirt pocket.

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