Safun Collapsible American Football

For everyone who loves American Football:  An  American Football approximately  5  inches in diameter in the center with about 7.75 inches in finished length, weight approximately  4.23 ounces (about 120 grams).  This is a little bit smaller than a junior size American Football that is made from leather, rubber, or vinyl filled with air (all of which have a hard surface and can cause injury upon impact).

Our Collapsible American Football, on the other hand, is soft and flexible in its shape, allowing it to absorb most of the forces upon impact, ensuring total safety in playing, but retains its American Football property and can travel a long distance in the air when properly thrown with a tight spiral (the same throwing motion used in throwing the junior size American Football), making it ideal for training and practicing throwing and catching with total safety. One can even practice throwing the American Football into the wall of one's bedroom or living room without causing damage as the ball will collapse upon impact and it will return to its original shape after a few bounces or pats on the ball.

Play American Flag Football or American Touch Football with TOTAL SAFETY.

The training/playing is fun because it is "American Football" and it is totally safe as the ball is soft and collapsible upon impact.  It is so soft and safe that you can practice in your living room, bedroom, or in the kitchen (if you have a big kitchen).

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