Safun Products'Benefits

 Our products, PalmBallFlying Ring,  Collapsible Frisbee (coming soon),  and Collapsible American Football, are based on the total concept of funs with total safety for the participants whether be children or adults.  

There are four major aspects involved in our products design and development.

 1. Physical aspect

Our products aim at helping children develop and improve better "hands-eyes-coordination" skill with total safety.  Our products are ultrasoft and very light in weight  and very flexible in its shape which takes away any possibility of hurting oneself in learning to catch and throw.

2.  Physical Fitness aspect

Our products aim at getting children and adults to balance out the physical fitness side with the computerized/technological side with hours and hours in front of the computer screen PLAYING GAMES or SURFING THE INTERNET,  often means hours and hours of sitting in a chair with very little physical exercise (aside from mouse clicking and keyboard punching). Our products bring in funs and physical exercises with  minimum requirment of space and equipments and at a very very low cost for physical fitness that can produce wonder results while having a great deal of funs doing it.

3. Psychological aspect

Our products aim at helping children in building up confidence by associating a success of learning with senses and feelings of acheivement as a child learns how to "catch and throw" successfully. Success comes much easier because the element of fears were removed. Fear of failure as well as fear of hurting oneself (when and if one fail) were removed from the situation as the products are made so that children can learn and be successful easily and, yet, maintain  degrees  of "challenges" as one progresses through.   Success builds upon successes and gradually builds up children's confidence as they learn to master the skill on how to use and play with these unique developmental toys and sports.

    Example:  Safun Flying Ring which is "speed adjustable"  (meaning, one can make the flying ring flies through air at different speed, from very slow speed to the very fast). Children can learn to catch the flying ring at a slower speed first.  This  ensures that the flying ring will be caught by a child successfully and gradually increases the speed.  Success upon successes will build up a child's confidence as the "hands-eyes-coordination" skill  continues to be improved without a child being aware of it as he or she is having so much funs learning and playing it.

    Another example:  Safun PalmBall which is very soft and collapsible.  Younger children can learn to "throw and catch" with total safety.  Also, since it is collapsible,  children with their small hands can learn to grasp/catch the ball.  As children get older, they can learn to bounce the ball on the palm of their hands.

When  children are more comfortable bouncing the ball, they will be able to play with other children and/or adults by hitting the ball back and fore using only the palm of their hands.  It can be played indoor as well as outdoor.  It can be played just for funs or as  exercises to improve and develop better motor skill, or it can be played as a competitive sport, as intense as one wants, for children and adults.

4.  Family Relations aspect

Our products aim at getting family members closer together by participating in activities that are fun and easy to learn and play for the whole family  (from the very young to the very old). Fun activities that can be participated by the whole family will help build a stronger family tie.

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