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A ball is made from a special water repellent nylon fabric with a size of approximately 4  inches in diameter.  The net weight is approximately 15 grams (about 0.53 ounce or equivalent to a weigh of 2 plastic Ball-point pens).  It is very soft and collapsible and can be squeezed into 1/3 of its original size for easy put away and take along in one's shirt pocket.
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(see How to paly PalmBall)

Who it is For?

for People who like to have FUN
for People who want to get EXERCISED while having FUN doing it.
for People who like to EXERCISE but do not have a lot of time.
for People who want to lose some weight but always so busy.
for People who want to keep physically fit and mentally sharp and alert.
for People who enjoy physical activities, both indoor or outdoor.
for People who are socially active and enjoy interaction with others
for Family who likes to engage in activities that can be enjoyed
by the whole family
for Family who is health-conscious.

Special Features

1.  UltraSoft and lightweight.   Upon an impact, the ball will  collapse  to  absorb the force caused by the impact   (minimize the force of impact similar to the crumble zone of an automobile in an accident), ensuring total safety for the players. The ball will not cause any damage to material or object it hit or crashed into directly.   One can throw the ball at a glass or into a glass window without breaking it by direct impact.   The flexible shape allows the ball to return to it original designed shape by simply hitting the ball into the air with one's hands.
Despite its ability to collapse to absorb any impact, it still retains its property as a ball that will bounce off one's hands after hitting on it, allowing it to function as a volleyball or a tennis ball, except that its surface is very soft as the air inside the ball can permeate through the surface of the ball and move back in again.

2.  Highly compactable.The ball is very compactable and can be squeezed into 1/3 of its original size for easy put away and take along in one's shirt pocket.  To return it to the original shape, just hit the ball into the air 3-4 times and it is ready for play again.

Safun Palmball as Competitive Sport

--Hit Safun Handball with the palm of your hands over a net for more excitement.
--You can use both hands and therefore have two forehands, or you can use only one hand and have a forehand and a backhand.
--One can use a Badminton Court as an arena for competition,  or set up your own height of the net and the area's size of the court to fit your physical size in the backyard or in your own living room or bedroom, keeping in mind that the smaller size are probably result in longer rally (more fun) and also less strenuous.
--You can keep score as in Badminton; or whoever reaches  15 points first, wins the set.  The match can be 2 out 3 sets or 3 our of 5 sets as in Tennis.

Care Instruction

PlamBall can be cleaned by using a peice of cloth with water (and with very soft detergent and water, if really needed), wipe gently on the surface without squeezing the ball and then gently wipe dry with cloth or tissue, then leave it to dry under sunlight or dryer.
Caution:  Do not squeeze the ball when the Ball is covered with water as water could get inside the Ball which will take longer for the Ball to completely dry.  PalmBall yields best performance when completely dry and fluffy.

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